Bird Images & Sounds

Following is a selection of species among the many affected by climate change. Click on the thumbnail to view and download a high resolution, printable image. Photos may be published in connection with coverage of Birds & Climate Change and must be accompanied by the photographer's name. Click on the species name to link to its profile where available, or click on the audio link to download its bird call.

Audio Recordings (c) Lang Elliott, All Rights Reserved; downloads are for personal use only.

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  Bird Photographer Audio
American Black Duck USFWS, Steve Maslowski
American Goldfinch Glenn Tepke
American Robin USFWS, Lee Karney
Barred Owl Glenn Tepke
Black Turnstone USFWS, Tim Bowman
Black-bellied Plover USFWS, Tim Bowman
Boreal Chickadee Jeremy Yancey
Brant USGS, Don Becker
Burrowing Owl Ashok Khosla
California Gnatcatcher Dennis Ancinec
Canyon Wren Ashok Khosla
Cedar Waxwing USFWS, Dave Menke
Chestnut-backed Chickadee USFWS, Lee Karney
Common Yellowthroat USFWS, Dave Menke
Eastern Bluebird USFWS, Dave Menke
Eastern Meadowlark USFWS, John &
Karen Hollingsworth
Fox Sparrow James Leupold
Gadwall Glenn Tepke
Grasshopper Sparrow Bob Martinka
Gray-crowned Rosy Finch Glenn Tepke
Green-winged Teal USFWS, Donna
Hairy Woodpecker USFWS, Donna
Horned Lark Jeanette Tasey
House Finch USFWS,
Dave Menke
Lincoln's Sparrow Glenn Tepke
Marbled Murrelet USFWS, Gus Van
Mourning Dove USFWS James Leupold
Northern Flicker USFWS, Dave
Northern Gannet USFWS, Ryan Hagerty
Pine Siskin Glenn Tepke
Purple Finch Ashok Khosla
Pygmy Nuthatch USFWS Lee Karney
Red-breasted Merganser USFWS, Dave Menke
Red-tailed Hawk Ashok Khosla
Ring-billed Gull USFWS, Lee Karney
Ring-necked Duck USFWS, Lee Karney
Spruce Grouse Glenn Tepke
Steller's Jay Glenn Tepke
Tree Swallow USFWS, James Leupold
Turkey Vulture USFWS, Lee Karney
Varied Thrush USFWS, Dave Menke
Vesper Sparrow George Jameson
White-eyed Vireo Glenn Tepke
Wild Turkey USFWS, Gary Stolz
Winter Wren USFWS, Donna Dewhurst
Yellow-billed Magpie Ashok Khosla