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Aullwood Farm

Aullwood uses sustainable methods (grass-based livestock management, proper plowing, crop rotation, absence of synthetic fertilizers and persticides).

The primary crop grown at Aullwood Farm is grass and forage crops. These plants are harvested by our "flerd", or our mixed sheep flock and cattle and goat herd. Spelt, a winter variety, straw, and hay crops are produced and harvested through mechanical means. The pasture-based "flerd" is moved in a planned rotation to take advantage of fresh forage and allow for pasture regrowth during non-grazing periods. Livestock confined in the barn are fed hay and feed grain by the farmers.

Visitors to the farm are drawn to our 1880's bank barn which houses draft horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, barn cats, and other species seasonally. Surrounding pastures provide habitat for the flerd's cattle, sheep, goats, and donkey. Broiler chickens (raised for theri meat) can be viewd in their "chicken tractor" portable pens spring through fall. Outlying buildings and paddocks house turkeys, layer chickens, a Children's Educational Garden and the Greenview Garden Club's Herb Garden.

Aullwood strives to be a model of local sustainable agriculture in the Miami Valley and direct markets our farm products. Grass-raised beef and lamb, pastured chicken, pork, and eggs are available seasonally. Aullwood purchases chicken and hog feed from local farmers and our meats are processed by local butchers.

Energy Use at the Farm

The Farm is an excellent example of how humans fit into natural water and energy cycles.

  • Solar energy provides a neccessary ingredient for photosynthesis. Animals, including humans, run on solar energy brought to us by this energy pathway. Sun - Grass - Cattle - Hamburger - Human - Manure
  • The water cycle is influenced by the degree of percolation or rainwater into the soil.
  • The Spring House is a simple way to use the buffering power of the soil and the thermal mass of ground water to stay cool in summer.
  • The windmill can be seen spinning and pumping up water. The Sun and moisture drive weather systems.
  • The wetland behind the Spring House has a gravity driven water ram which pumps water. Most of the water flows by but a little is pumped up above the source!
  • In the Thomas Building (the office, giftshop and classroom building), we use an earth coupled heat pump (ground loop heat pump) to take heat from the ground in winter and dump heat in the ground in summer. We save a thousand dollars a year this way.

Aullwood Farm may be contacted at (937) 890-2968.
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