Tools of Engagement

The Tools of Engagement is a planning guide about how to integrate people into conservation planning.

This toolkit is the collective effort of a dedicated group of colleagues working in conservation. What brought us together was a common interest in the connection between people and conservation—specifically how we can better engage people to achieve more sustainable conservation results. We wanted to better understand what motivates people to take action and how to engage diverse stakeholders. We also wanted to focus on how to keep people's interests in mind as we deliver conservation programs and ensure that we're linking environmental protection with improving the quality of people's lives.

The Toolkit is divided into six 6 sections. The first four sections (A-D) focus on 20 core planning steps. Section E provides planning tools that can help individuals and groups work through the steps in the planning process. The last section (Section F) includes a glossary and resources, as well as an introduction to each of the complementary modules.

You can download the entire Toolkit, the Table of Contents, or any of the Sections that you need below:

Complete Toolkit

Table of Contents


Section A. Know Where You're Going

Section B. Understand the Problems and Context

Section C. The People Factor

Section D. What Are You Going To Do?

Section E. Planning Tools and Other Helpful Stuff

Section F. Appendix