Tools of Engagement

Influencing Conservation Action: What the Research Says About Environmental Literacy, Behavior, and Conservation

Research is creating new knowledge.

—Neil Armstrong

What does the research tell us about conservation action? This section of the toolkit summarizes some of the key research on how we understand and influence environmental behavior. It is not intended to be a comprehensive literature review; rather we've used a range of literature to address common questions asked by conservation practitioners. These answers represent an initial step toward compiling and synthesizing literature related to the planning process outlined in this toolkit. We intend to update this section as we receive new questions, research tips, and feedback from colleagues. So please contact us with additional questions, resources, and research related to building a stronger conservation constituency and moving people to take conservation action.




Module 1

and the
Conservation Movement

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Module 2

The Case Study Collection

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Module 3

Influencing Conservation Action

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Module 4

What's the Story? Why Storytelling Matters to Conservation

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