Barnacles, Anemones & Sea Jellies

Barnacle โ€“ Cut out individual cartons from egg carton. Turn upside down to create barnacle shell and poke hole in the top. Stick two (or more) feathers in the hole for their feet and decorate egg carton as desired (crayons, sequins, yarn, googly eyes, beads, etc.).

Anemone โ€“ Cut toilet paper roll in half. Decorate outside for the body of the anemone as desired (see above). Glue or staple pieces of yarn/string or pipe cleaners around the inside of the top of the toilet paper roll for tentacles.

Sea Jelly โ€“ Use coffee filters as the body of the sea jelly. Decorate as desired (see above) and glue/staple/tape yarn or string around the edge of the coffee filter for the tentacles of the sea jelly. Add a small loop of string or yarn to the top as a handle for carrying or hanging.

Popsicle-stick Frames

Decorate four popsicle sticks as desired (crayons, yarn, paint, beads, cut paper or tissue paper, magazine collage, etc.). Glue the four sticks together in the shape of a square (white glue or hot glue works best) to create the frame. To create a backing, cut a square out of recyclable cardboard (like a cereal box) that fits the size of the frame, and glue the square to the back of the frame on three sides, leaving the top unglued to slip the picture in.

Eco Wrapping Paper

Get some old paper grocery bags and cut them along the edge so they lay out flat in one piece. Cut some old sponges into fun shapes like stars, hearts, spirals, etc. Dip the sponge shapes in paint and sponge onto paper bags to decorate and create wrapping paper. In addition to paper bags, you could also decorate old newspapers, maps, and other kinds of paper.

Magazine-Bead Jewelry

Using old magazines, cut out long triangles which are very skinny but run the length of the page. Starting with the bottom of the triangle, roll it loosely (so you can pull it off later) around a pencil or pen or something of that shape. Tape or glue the tip of the triangle to the rest of it so it stays rolled. You have created a bead with the magazine paper. Create as many beads as you like and string them on yarn or string to create necklaces, anklets, bracelets, strings for reading glasses, etc. Have fun with different colors and patterns that you can create rolling different pictures from magazines.