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Project Puffin is supported by the Science and Sanctuaries Divisions of the National Audubon Society--special thanks go to Frank Gill and Norm Brunswig.

We thank the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife for permission to work on Eastern Egg Rock and Jenny Island, the USFWS and US Coast Guard for the privilege of working on Matinicus Rock, the USFWS for allowing us to conduct our studies on Seal Island and Pond Island National Wildlife Refuges. We also thank Sam Hands for providing use of the Audubon Ecology Camp facilities on Hog Island and Scott Saunders for his invaluable logistic support.
It is a special pleasure to acknowledge the generous assistance and gifts from the following people:

  • Mrs. Emily Allen for the use of her Round Pond, Maine home 
  • Barbara's Bakery for donating cereal and cookies for our research staff 
  • Ken Bascom for aiding the Pond Island crew when their boat motor stopped working 
  • Raymond Boyce of Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons, Inc. for providing beverages for our 25th anniversary celebration 
  • Coastal Carvers of the Wiscasset, Maine area who carved and painted Least Tern decoys for Stratton Island 
  • Isa Catto for her assistance with community relations 
  • John Drury for supplying water and trash removal for the offshore research sites and for providing shelter for the Seal Island staff en route to the island during the early June storm 
  • Duck Trap Decoys of Lincolnville, Maine (Walter & Karen Simmons) for arranging the donation of decoys from local carvers 
  • John Fitzpatrick and the entire staff of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology for their continued cooperation with Project Puffin 
  • John Flood for building bird observation blinds and the Egg Rock outhouse 
  • Ann & Walter Gamble for providing potable water, parking, shower facilities and friendship to the Pond Island crew 
  • Hardy Boat Cruises, R.N. Fish & Son, Atlantic Expeditions, Outward Bound, and Lucy LaCasse for their generous assistance with logistics 
  • Hawaii Audubon Society, Dave Smith of the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Nick Palaita of the USFWS for their assistance with the Hawaii albatross project 
  • Mid-Coast Internet Solutions, Damariscotta, Maine for providing access to the World Wide Web 
  • Mike LaJoie for sharing his electronic wizardry 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lee for the gracious hospitality they provide the Stratton Island interns 
  • Moss Tents for loaning an Optimum 200 tent for use on Stratton Island and for donating a new rain fly 
  • "Skip" Parker for donating a VHF radio for the Seal Island project 
  • Prout's Neck Audubon Society for restoring the Lunda II for Stratton Island 
  • Carlene Riccelli for donating the materials for the Egg Rock outhouse 
  • Elliot Robinson for assistance with our field computers 
  • Godfrey Rockefeller and Herb Pratt for always pulling through when the Stratton Island staff call for assistance 
  • Sea Life Park staff on Oahu, HI for providing our volunteers with a place to view albatross 
  • Stan Skutek and the staff of Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge for assistance and enthusiastic support of our work at Seal Island, Pond Island and Matinicus Rock 
  • Clark Smith and the staff of the Prout's Neck Yacht Club for their assistance with Stratton Island logistics 
  • Diane Tessaglia-Hymes and Ken Schlather for all their computer assistance 
  • Helen and Chris Tupper and Scott Dunning for their assistance and hospitality they offer to our Jenny Island staff 
  • Thomas Urquhart and family for monitoring visitor access to Stratton Island during the end-of-season tern meeting 
  • US National Guard in Augusta, ME for loaning night-vision goggles 

1997-1998 Contributors
Special Gifts

In Memory of Herbert Adams
Allmerica Financial
The Print Room Staff of Allmerica Financial
Robert E. Bruce
Citizens Insurance Co. PTA/DPO Areas
Cub Scout Pack 91 Worcester, MA
Edith E. Davidson
Joanne Halfacre
Lee McAllister
Gretchen E. Miner
Denise C. Renaud
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rossley
Laurel P. Sanderson
Sharon Soponski
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Walsh
In Memory of Michael Apgar
Jean Apgar through the Michael A. Apgar Memorial Fund
In Memory of Robert Fitch
Bill & Joyce Dressel
Doug & Betsy Unkel
In Memory of Gertrude Florini
Francis C. Florini
In Memory of 
Peggy Albright Ginaven
John H. Ginaven
In Memory of Robert Hauslohner
Lorna U. Hauslohner
In Memory of Melville H. Ireland
Anne C. & William Coughlan
The Ireland Foundation
Robert C. Webster
In Memory of Lucile LaGanke
C. Helen Eovito
In Memory of Clara H. Lebovitz
The Clara H. Lebovitz Maine Coast Sanctuary
Internship Fund
In Memory of Fritz Schwartz
Debbie Sullivan
In Honor of Julia Dodge
Judge & Mrs. Robert L. Black, Jr.
In Honor of Marian Johnson Frank
Phyllis Pellin
In Honor of David Laventhol
Times Mirror Co



$25,000 and over
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Park Foundation
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Schuessler Knitting Mills
Busch Entertainment Corp.
The Baird Foundation
Davis Conservation Fund
Ellis L. Phillips Foundation
Jingo Foundation
The Knapp Foundation
Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
Penzance Foundation
Ann Pinkerton Trust
Josephine D. Herz
Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Kay Medlinger 
The Barrington Foundation
The Boston Foundation
Edward & Jo Carpenter
DownEast Energy
Adelaide Gomer
Elinor Hallowell
Hardy Boat Cruises
James A. Henry
R.N. Fish & Son, Inc.
Saul & Beth Ann Segal
Spellissy Foundation
U.S. Gulf of Maine Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
William P. Wharton Trust

Anonymous (2)
A.A.Z.K. Columbus Zoo Chapter
Bruce & Kevin Bowler
Jacquie & Raymond Boyce
Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden
British Broadcasting Corp.
Isa Catto
Donald F. Chandler
Charles Doersch & Sean McCollum
Dorfman Pacific Company
Susan Flader
Anne & Walter Gamble
Edward & Janet Harte
Anthony Hill
Eleanor L. Johnson
Herman & Lina Kress
Michael T. Martin
Joseph & Jenny McIntyre
Mid-Coast Audubon Society
Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation
Fred & Anne Peterson
Roy & Barbara Pollock
Bayard D. & Liz Rea
John & Jinny Rupert
Susan Saunders
Joseph Van Os
West Elementary School
Winterburn Foundation
Karla H. Wirth


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