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We have a window of opportunity. Today, the vast majority of the species of birds in North America still exist in viable numbers in some remnant of suitable habitat. Today, we who love birds and the natural world in general exist in greater numbers than ever before, and those numbers are growing rapidly. And today, we have the tools that allow us to know and monitor that fragile world with depth and breadth that was unimaginable 10 years ago, let alone 102 years ago when the first Christmas Bird Count was held.

The use of eBird and other citizen science tools may give us more opportunity to monitor bird declines before they become critical. The Eskimo Curlew, now thought to be extinct, could have benefited from such an approach.

Now you can help us make birds count for conservation. Announcing eBird, a new citizen science tool that allows anyone to report any bird species; anywhere, anytime. This joint venture of Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology opens a new era of citizen science, which will help our birds in a time of increasing threats from habitat loss to West Nile virus.

You can participate in eBird and other citizen science projects through BirdSource at your level of ability and comfort. Remember, you will double your impact if you take along a friend; and you’ll multiply it many times over if you include a scout troop or a class of kids.

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