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Historical Results

Volunteers have been counting birds on the CBC for over 100 years, and their contributions represent a tremendously valuable resource for learning more about bird behavior and bird conservation. These output tools are designed to give you access to the data collected by the tens of thousands of CBC volunteers. A lot has happened to early winter bird populations and distributions in the last 100 plus years, and the Christmas Bird Count is an invaluable resource to discover those changes. These tools allow you to ask just about any question you want of the entire CBC database. Take a look!

You can make maps of bird distribution, construct graphs of species trends over time, or see the raw count data. See what's happened on your count over time; look up your favorite species; many more discoveries await! Please be aware that the common names of many bird species have changed over time. In order to view all of the data for certain species, you will need to query for each "historical" name individually.

Currently our CBC historical database is undergoing another round of proofing of the data. A large dataset such as this requires continual proofing, and we welcome any reports of apparent irregularities.

To learn the proper citation format for data viewed through the CBC database and a list of scientific articles based on CBC data, see the CBC bibliography page. Thank you for your participation.

Please note: To use these CBC tools you will need Netscape/Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or higher. For questions, comments or to report problems please contact us.

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