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Raptor Migration

During the fall, massive numbers of hawks eagles, ospreys and falcons leave their breeding grounds to migrate across North America to warmer wintering grounds, some as far away as southern South America. Most migrating hawks are soaring birds that depend on updrafts to help them travel, and tend to avoid crossing large bodies of water where there are none. Instead, they follow land routes and shorelines around large bodies of water, lucky for avid birders, allowing us to track concentrated areas where hawks gather prior to crossing a narrow stretch of water.

Raptor Watch: don't miss your chance on seeing migrating raptors. The 13th Annual Kern River Valley Turkey Vulture Festival celebrates the height of fall Turkey Vulture migration through California's "Valley Wild", the Kern River Valley. To find an event closer to you, contact your local Audubon Center or Chapter, or your state's conservation agency.

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