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More Opportunities to Help Important Bird Areas

  • Nominate a site or organize volunteers to fill out nomination forms for sites in your area (contact your state IBA coordinator to find the status of nominations in your state).
  • Organize or participate in a bird survey at an IBA or potential IBA for a WatchList species. (Contact your state IBA coordinator for information).
  • Adopt an IBA and help to develop a conservation plan for the site in partnership with IBA staff and local stakeholders. See our Resources for Adoption of Important Bird Areas
  • Volunteer for a project to restore habitat or eradicate invasive species at an IBA.
  • Advocate for land acquisition funds for an IBA where land acquisition is underway.
  • Recruit and organize volunteers to help an IBA managed by a refuge, State Park, or land trust.
  • Advocate for changes in laws and policies that would benefit birds of concern at IBAs.
  • Participate in a Christmas Bird Count in or near an IBA.
  • Develop a birding field trip program to IBAs in your area.
  • Develop a slide show or children’s education program to teach people about an IBA and the amazing bird stories connected with it.
  • Write articles and letters about IBAs in newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and other outlets to teach the public about the important bird habitats in their area.
  • Follow the Audubon At Home guidelines for a healthy yard, and encourage habitat management that is beneficial to the birds of concern at that IBA.
  • Help provide financial support to an IBA program (some Audubon chapters have donated Birdathon proceeds to IBA programs for example). To donate to the Important Bird Areas Program, click here.

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Identify the most essential areas for birds.

Monitor those sites for changes to birds and habitat.

Conserve these areas for long-term protection of biodiversity.

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Updated 3 October 2011