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Benefits of Being an Important Bird Area

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A complete inventory of Important Bird Areas allows for more efficient conservation of target avian resources and habitats by knowing what areas are most important for which species.†

Carrizo Plain, Important Bird Area in California, Andrea Jones.

The Important Bird Areas network is an international network and, as such, connects local sites and conservation to global efforts.

Important Bird Area recognition can provide leverage in funding programs and state and federal conservation prioritization processes including:

  • Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program
  • USFWS Land Acquisition Prioritization System
  • Private landowner assistance conservation funding from USDA for Forest Legacy, NRCS Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP), USFWS programs like Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Migratory Bird funding, and NAWCA

  • Audubon Land and Water Conservation Fund priority nomination process
  • Points in statewide conservation planning process in states like North Carolina.

Training to pull garlic mustard near Amphibolites Important Bird Area in North Carolina, Curtis Smalling.

Important Bird Areas can be a focus area for Audubon education, outreach, advocacy, forest stewardship efforts. As a result, land managers can consult with Audubon experts on management issues.

Important Bird Areas can serve as an initial spatial guide for avoidance of certain activities like wind development and road projects.

Important Bird Areas build and strengthen community pride and awareness.† They entice local groups to get involved, providing a framework to rally around an area that is critical to avian conservation, and empowers them to become involved with something bigger then themselves and their organization.†

Important Bird Areas focus biodiversity conservation at larger scales, cutting across public and private sectorsó allows for private land owners to think of their property in the regional context and local, state and federal agencies to coordinate their conservation and restoration efforts.

Oahu Uplands Important Bird Area in Hawaii, Eric VanderWerf.



Updated 13 September 2011